The lights are so bright but they never blind me…

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My life won’t be complete without me walking through New York while playing Welcome To New York.

“A lot of the time when people ask me about songwriting the most popular question I get is, ‘How do you know where to start?’ which is a good question. I guess the simple answer would be I just write about the things that haunt me the most, I guess. And you know, that sounds kind of depressing, but good things can haunt you the same way as bad things can haunt you. Good memories can leave even more of a mark or a scar on your heart as the bad times, and the bad memories, and the slamming doors, and the fights. So when I say that I write about things that haunt me, they’re not always about bad ghosts. I think you can have a lot of ghosts that you’re carrying around with you. Sometimes you wish you could forget the good times even more than the bad times because you just keep replaying the things you remember all too well.”

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Taylor Swift songs are meant to be sung aloud in the shower, danced around to in the middle of the street and cried to when you’re home alone with nothing but chocolate ice cream. But above all else, they’re supposed to speak to you.

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In this moment now capture it remember it 

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